Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Beautiful Things

I was very lucky, a lot of beauty entered my life this week...

This is the result of my first week of rotation: a new HAED start, Mini Lady of the Flowers by Michele Lee Phelan

Just because those lilacs are so lovely and smell so good:

And last but not least some stashy goodness:

My April Fabric of the Month from Sparklies, Pisces in 32 count Murano:

Assorted beads and Kreiniks for a few upcoming Mirabilia starts:

I have some more postman-stalking to do, a few more lovelies are coming my way :)


Rhona said...

Lovely stitching and wonderful new stash....enjoy!

Grit said...

Wonderful stitching.

Lexi said...

sparklliiiies. Miras are so tempting because of all the fun beads and such, eh? :)