2012 Finishes

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January 2012: Wild Thing Birth Record

May 2012: Falling Leaves (DMC)

June 2012: Tiny Rose Mandala (Chatelaine Designs)

June 2012: Lily of the Valley (Mirabilia/Nora Corbett)

June 2012: Red Dragon Bookmark (Dracolair)

June 2012: Mystery Summer Sampler SAL (By the Bay Needleart)

July 2012: Sea Babies Sampler (Stoney Creek)

September 2012: biscornu, bookmark and notebook (Color Exchange)


November 2012: How Does Your Garden Grow (Papillon Creations)

November 2012: Winnie & Friends Growth Chart (Royal Paris)

December 2012: Stained Glass Pansy (Solaria Gallery)

December 2012: Mystery Autumn SAL (By the Bay Needleart)

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