Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lily of the Valley Update & Chatelaine New Start

Is there such a thing as a half happy dance? Because if there is, then I'm doing it for Lily:
I have done all I could using DMC and Anchor floss, but she now needs to go on the UFO pile until I am able to order the metallics and beads I need to finish her. Unfortunately, supplies and commercial shipping are so expensive to get to here in Ireland that this will have to wait several weeks (or months) until I need to place a larger order to justify the shipping cost.

Note to myself, since I keep losing bits of paper and I can access this blog anytime anywhere: need to buy Kreinik very fine braid 015, Kreinik BF 011HL, Mill Hill 02002, 03046, 10049, 16010, 16603, 42031 (2 packs).

Anyway, here is my first update on Chatelaine's Tiny Rose Mandala:

I completely enjoy the geometric symmetry in stitching this!

Also, last but not least: thank you to everyone commenting and following this little blog. It is very heart warming to read your encouraging notes and I really appreciate that you take the time to do it.


Mrs Milkybar Kid said...

Lovely start on your tiny Rose Mandala Maud! I loved stitching this design - it may be small but Martina still likes to put the details in!

Maud said...

Thanks Amanda! I stitches up pretty quick so far, and I figured that would be decent practice for the upcoming biggies I have waiting in the wings :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely progress on Lily and I love the new Chatelaine start too.

Lesley said...

Your Lily of the Valley Fairy is gorgeous, I really love this design. Looking forward to seeing her with her beads and I love the colours in your Chatelaine Mandala

lesli said...

I love Lily of the Valley! She's on my list of "maybe someday I'll stitch this!" :)

Beautiful colors from your floss toss!

Anne said...

Lily is so pretty!! Great start on your Tiny Rose too!!

Veronica said...

Oh yes, there are half happy dances in my book ^.^ And I'm doing it with you. She's so pretty. Lovely Tiny Rose Mandala start.


Penny said...

Lily is just beautiful! And I'm doing a half happy dance with you. :) Pretty start on Tiny Rose Mandala too!

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