Sunday, 18 March 2012

Waiting for stash

I. Can. Not. Wait.
I had a decent amount of DMC, Aida, scroll frames, bobbins, etc... before I moved and then tragedy struck and it all got lost in the shuffle!
Fast forward one year, and I've been stitching this growth chart kit which, although cute, comes with a gazillion partial stitches on the stiffest Aida ever (I've already bent or broken 4 needles trying to get through the middle of the square) and some low quality thread which keeps tangling, wearing thin and breaking.
Luckily, at the beginning of the month I received a payment I wasn't expecting so like all good addicts would, I spent it on stash instead of saving it (bad me!) (wait, no, good me!).

So, I ran to Donna's site and placed the mother of all orders: full DMC set already bobbinated in boxes, various fat quarters of evenweave, some PTB, Qsnaps with a cover, piecemaker needles, Sulky Sliver, Thread Heaven, and other things that I have already forgotten but will make a nice surprise. Poor Donna has been winding bobbins for ages because of me!
I finally got an email advising me of partial shipment on Thursday, I can't wait to get my hands on my pretties :)

Once they get there, I'll finally be able to get started on my first HAED! I think it will be one these two:

Celtic Fire, by Cari Buziak

Story Keeper, by Selena Fenech

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