Thursday, 17 January 2013

HAED Update & New Start

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to have reached the first milestone in the HAED BB SAL, the first half page (4,000 stitches) on my QS Mystic Garden is finished :)

I am amazed at how fast I stitched it, compared to other HAEDs I have on the go, even though it was filled with confetti!

I also have a new start, which is part of another SAL, this time with the Emerald Isle Cross Stitchers (Yahoo group). It is a chart by Patty Carbaugh called ''Let's Stitch'', which can be purchased here on Etsy.
The design is quite traditional and not really my usual style, but I am actually having lots of fun making it my own; the idea is to stitch it entirely in brightly colored DMC Color Variations, to give it a bit of a modern edge. I might even throw in a few beads at the end if I feel it calls for it.
I don't really have a set plan on what colors to use where, I will decide along the way; the beauty of cross-stitch is that I can easily undo something if I don't like it :)

Here is the stitched model from the designer:

And here is where I am at so far:

Stitched 2 over 2 on 30 count light brown linen.
Outside border: DMC 4030
Inside border: DMC 4020


Anonymous said...


Just found you.
Your stitching is beautiful. I especially love your "How Does Your Garden Grow" finish it's so pretty.

Emma/Itzy said...

Wow you put me stitching on the haed sal to shame ! It looks great though well done :)

Mii Stitch said...

Congrats on your Haed SAL progress!! It looks very impressive :) Love what you've done so far on the other SAL!!

Pull the other thread said...

You are doing wonderfully on the SAL piece. I haven't had any time to even look at Literate Dragon since i got the first 400 stitches in :S Love your new chart, it's really pretty, looking forward to seeing how you amend it.

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.
Both SAL's are looking lovely!
Have a good week.