Saturday, 20 October 2012

Color Exchange

Hi everyone,

Apologies for not updating this blog in several months, I got into a bit of an Internet funk this Summer and just didn't feel like posting. I have a few updates that I will write about in several posts to keep things tidy in here.

This Summer, I participated in my very first exchange thanks to the Emerald Isle Cross Stitchers. This was one of the most original ideas I have seen when it comes to exchanges; basically you filled out a short questionnaire about your favorite color, your general likes and dislikes, and whether you preferred candy or chocolate.
I was partnered with Elaine, who sent me those amazing goodies all in my favorite color, blue. Even the candy (and subsequently the inside of my mouth) was blue :)

Handmade card (wow!)

Stitchy goodies

Gorgeous pincushion, counting pins and needlebook / scissor fob

In return, I sent Elaine the following, all in blues and purples, her favorite colors

I also added a couple skeins of the newest released DMC color variations, the same I used on the biscornu, as well as some tassels for finishing, a purple vanishing fabric marker, and my favorite Sharpie retractable highlighters in purple and in blue (and chocolate of course!). I'm an idiot so I forgot to take a picture of that...