Saturday, 21 April 2012

TUSAL & Lily of the Valley Update

Well today is a new moon which means it's TUSAL time!

The blue and gold metallics are actually Sulky Sliver, which I have been using to grid my next HAED start, Celtic Fire. I have so far spent 4 mind-numbing nights griding (and I'm just a little over halfway done), so I hope it's worth it in the end...
Also some lovely blues and greens from Lily of the Valley, which because of the aforementioned griding did not progress as much as I would have hoped. Anyway, you be the judge:


Melissa said...

Hey there! I'm a new follower :) Lily of the valley looks great! I just got some Nora Corbett designs in the mail and lily will be on my to-do list. right now I have sweet pea and bluebell. Cannot wait to start in on them!

Happy stitching

Btw my blog is if you'd like to have a look!

Xeihua (Sara) said...

I told you I was going to start stalking you :D and I must say (again) I really love your Nora Corbett (ohh but I forgot to mention.. you know the thing you have with blue colour... I have it with green xD)
I saw that you're planning to stitch 2x1 on your HAED, I would advise on trying it first I have one 2x1 on 25ct and is a bit to bulky for my taste ;) an't wait to see more progresses :D


Maud said...

Hey Sara,
Thanks for hosting today. It was lovely meeting you and the others, and I had a really great afternoon!
Thanks for the advice, I will definitely do some test stitching first. My issue is coverage, I just hate when the fabric shows through the stitches, so we'll see.
See you soon!

mab3500 said...

Stitches are lovely! I will enjoy watching your lily of the valley come together.

Julie said...

Hi Maud,thanks for stopping by my blog.

Lily is looking real nice.
Don't those colours look so good and colourful together.

Veronica said...

You've made wonderful progress on Lily of the Valley. Pretty orts you have in your jar.


Ewa said...

I think the gridding will most certainly be worth it. Lily looks wonderful and am looking forward to your HAED start.

Bonnie Brown said...

Thanks for stopping by my 200th blog post.
Great ORTS! and your Lily of the Valley is beautiful!

Anonymous said...


Your TUSAL jar looks great and Lily is looking gorgeous already.